Panasonic AJ-PX800PJ P2 HD AVC-Ultra Camcorder
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Offer updated on 6/28/2022
Panasonic is pleased to announce a new member of the AVC-Ultra P2 camera family, the AJPX800. Specifically designed for news acquisition, the new 2/3" AJ-PX800 provides the form factor, features and functionality needed for today's rapidly evolving and fast paced news business. A fully featured, yet smaller and lighter shoulder mount camera, using significantly less low power, the AJ-PX800 utilizes the AVC-Ultra CODEC family to provide the user with choices numerous for various applications. For long form production and news, record AVCLongG25, a full quality 4:2:2 10 bit HD codec working at a mere 25Mbs, then use the camera's powerful networking capability to move that content back to the station via FTP. Simultaneous proxy recording provides huge workflow benefits, enabling parallel workflows for viewing, editing, even streaming. Or shoot one of the classic AVC-Intra formats, optimized for traditional production. It's your choice and it's as simple as a menu change. The new AJ-PX800 provides the full palate of SD and HD recording format choices, for news, sports, as well as for more formal production. Two full-size P2 card slots enable continuous recording, and, by means of a simple adaptor the AJ-PX800 can use the economical microP2 cards. An added bonus is that the PX800 even permits the use of high quality SD cards to record codec formats of 50Mbs or less, if so desired. A dedicated SD card slot is also provided for user file up/d ownload and additional proxy recording.The PX800's three 2.2M MOS imagers provide unparalleled image quality; especially impressive is the camera's low light performance, easily capable of making full color HD images where the human eye sees virtually nothing! Combine that with the powerful video DSP and creative image control capability usually found only on production or studio cameras, the results speak for themselves. The camera's IT workflow capability is impressive; the PX800 Ultra CODEC provides simultaneous dual recording, with choices of HD or SD proxies. New wireless workflow offerings include high quality HD streaming, adaptive QoS streaming or FTP, all via your choice of 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity. Use FTP to move original HD files losslessly or to quickly feed proxies for fast review and edit. The camera also hosts an internal webserver, which via a simple Wi-Fi connection to a PC, Tablet or iPad, offers easy viewing of proxies, real-time streaming, metadata entry / manipulation and control over basic camera functions. With its breadth of recording options, superb image quality, variety of professional I/Os and powerful expandability, the AJ-PX5000G will homes in network news, documentary, high-end corporate and sports production, as well as the rental market. The AJ-PX800 provides a wide array of high quality image capture possibilities, from standard definition, to today's HD broadcast standards 720p and 1080i. For higher level production, the user can choose one or more of the 1080p...
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