AudioQuest NRG-Z3 1 meter power cable with C-13 connector
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Offer updated on 5/20/2022
Aftermarket power cords may surprise you. They surprised me. The AC power that feeds your gear is the foundation of your system's audio and video performance. Even if you've plugged your components into a power conditioner to clean up the current coming out of your wall, a flimsy stock power cord can act as an antenna for airborne interference that subtly degrades high-resolution audio and video signals. I was an aftermarket power cord skeptic until I tried one on my high-performance DAC about 15 years ago. To this day it's the most dramatic cable-related enhancement I've ever heard in my system. Advanced materials and construction for lower distortion AudioQuest's NRG-Z3 uses solid conductors made of high-purity Perfect-Surface Copper+. Solid conductors eliminate interaction between wire strands, which is a major source of distortion in an AC power cable. AQ's Semi-Solid Concentric conductor arrangement packs strands very tightly so that they never change position within the bundle, which significantly reduces distortion. Where to start when upgrading power cords The NRG-Z3 works with most components that have a detachable, three-pole IEC power cord. Some devices respond more noticeably than others to a better power cable. Opinions vary, but here's how I would prioritize upgrading your power cords: source (CD player, DAC, phono preamp) power amplifier, powered speakers preamp or A/V pre-pro, power conditioner powered subwoofer
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