Panasonic HC-WXF1K 4K UHD Camcorder LCD & EVF Viewfinder With Premium Acc Bundle
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Offer updated on 2/7/2023
The Panasonic WXF1 camcorder will delight the 4K video enthusiast in the family with cinema-like recording experience. These semi-professional features include an electronic eye viewfinder and quick access buttons to Variable White Balance, Focus Expand and Peeking and Custom Autofocus, plus a manual lens mounted control ring. Improved optical and sensor performance is backed up by a new Leica Dicomar 24x optical zoom lens (25-600mm) with a bright aperture range from F1.8 wide - 4.0 tele and a large 1/2.5" BSI MOS Sensor for impressive capture even in low light. <b>Twin & Multi-Cam Capture</b> Panasonic HC-WXF1 has an innovating and exciting feature that will appeal to both the professional and recreational videographer. A secondary camera, built into the LCD screen, operates in tandem with the main camera, capturing a view of the operator as a PiP shot, useful, for example, for narration. It can also be used to capture an alternate view of the subject or scenery, again, as a PiP. This Twin Camera can be manually tilted and also has user-adjustable controls. In addition to the Twin Camera function, Panasonic HC-WXF1 supports wireless Multi-Camera capture which allows simultaneous recording of up to 3 smartphones together with the main camera view. As with the Twin Camera pictures, smartphone images are displayed in PiP fashion. Up to 4 PiP views can be shown simultaneously, combining the view of 1 Twin Camera, and 3 smartphone cameras. <b> Triple Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Systems </b> To keep the image rock stable, three unique optical image stabilization technology work together; 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S.+, Ball O.I.S. and Adaptive O.I.S. For a more natural look, the WXF1 has a new Active Contrast technology equalizes gradation, while the HDR Movie mode enables a wider dynamic range response.<b> 4K High-Precision AF </b>Enjoy high-speed, excellent tracking performance and stability. With Custom AF, you can also choose from three focus modes.<b> Active Contrast </b>Automatically equalizes the gradation in response to the brightness distribution within the image.<b> 4K Cropping </b>When shooting in 4K, your subjects stay framed, without blurring, because you can edit the images in the camera and save them in Full-HD.<b> Cinema-Like Effect </b>Allows Dolly Zoom and other professional-like shooting techniques used in cinema films.<b> Wide 25mm and Optical 24x Zoom Lens </b>The New 4K lens covers the range from 25mm wide-angle to 600mm tele with a 24x zoom achieved by a 4-Drive Lens System. The stunning wide-angle setting not only fits large groups of people and background images into narrow locations but is also convenient for taking selfies with a rotatable LCD.<b> Brilliant 4K Image Quality </b>Capture excellent low-light performance with a large 1/2.5" sensor and bright F1.8 lens. The remarkable LEICA Dicomar lens produces the...
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