Lego Movie 2 Womens Lucy Classic WyldStyle Costume - Black/Purple/Blue - Size: Large
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Offer updated on 7/31/2021
Everything's Not AwesomeThe mini-figs of Apocalypseburg have been through a lot. Lord Business ruined a perfectly good Taco Tuesday with Kragle. Then a Duplo Alien invasion ravaged Bricksburg and turned it into the wasteland known as Apocalypseburg. Coffee is the last semblance of pleasure the mini-figs have. So, yeah, they have plenty of reasons to stare into the sunsets while brooding. When something new threatens even this tougher and more mature community, it seems fair to over-react, but who will the mini-figs count on if everyone is in a total panic? If Queen Watevera Wa’Nabi only makes everything completely confusing and Emmet is out finding himself (literally), Lucy is the only one to turn to.Armamageddon is on the horizon and if the end of the Lego universe isn’t stopped, everything is sure to stay not awesome. Master build an escape pod, help Lucy escape the Systar System, and prevent any other suspiciously mature mini-figs from bringing further destruction to the Lego universe.Product DetailsTake up the call and save Apocalypseburg as Lucy. In Lucy’s classic outfit you’ll be ready to master build your way out of any problem the Lego universe throws at you. The shiny-finish jumpsuit looks just like Lucy’s WyldStyle graffiti-wardrobe and looks great with a matching set of clip-in hair extensions (Lucy would look super weird with any other hair color, right?). Keep your fingers ready to build with a pair of fingerless gloves—both practical and edgy. This costume is officially licensed to be super awesome!Make Things Not BadEverything isn’t awesome, things can’t be awesome all the time. That’s unrealistic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try! With this Classic Lucy Costume, you can make things awesome again (in a less idealistic kind of way), and that would be real great. This Halloween sing a couple of songs that get stuck inside your head and become one of the heroes of the Lego universe.
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