Western Digital Minnie Mouse Rain Coat for Girls - Red/White - Size: 4T
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Offer updated on 6/24/2021
Waitin' on a rainbow!Anyone who knows Minnie Mouse knows about her positive attitude. It's as contagious as a yawn on a slow Sunday afternoon and resistant to whatever might come its way. She and Mickey have been through every type of weather since they met on a steamboat almost a century ago. She's seen him trip up over the simplest gig and yet she's always there to make him feel better and get him back on track. Minnie knows how to embrace the good sides of life. A drizzly day won't make her stay inside and pout, its simply an opportunity to throw on that polka dotted raincoat she's been waiting to rock. A mouse this iconic is always looking for reasons flaunt her timeless look!Product DetailsThis coat is both water resistant and adorable for rainy days. This coat has a full skirt, protecting your kiddo's legs from getting wet. The coat snaps together easily under the faux printed button, making this coat easy to throw on before heading out into the wet weather. Your little one is sure to love the hood, featuring the large Minnie Mouse ears and polka dot bow that we all know and love. It's lined with a cheerful yellow to keep up with the happy look. So, whether your little one looks forward to puddle-jumping or the song, Rain, rain go away is her motto for stormy days, she'll love putting on this chic polka dot piece. A Misty Minnie MouseMinnie Mouse might usually only be shown on sunshiney days but we're sure she embraces rainy days too! After all, without rain, those flowers that Mickey brings her won't grow. Your little one will look perfectly picturesque as she twirls around in puddles when wearing this coat. and hey, stay out in the rain long enough and your little one is bound to find a rainbow!
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