AirBagIt SCRAPE-GM8599X 1988 Chevrolet C3500 Street Scraper, 3800 bags Complete Front & Rear Carms, Xshafts, Spndles, PnP lays on 20s
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<p>Street Scraper #3800 bags Complete Front&#47&#59;Rear Carms Xshafts Spindles PnP lays on 20&#39&#59;s Raw. Raw Powder coat Street scrapers bolt directly on frame. No cutting or Welding except minor modifications to remove the material.</p><b>Installation&#58&#59;</b><ul><li>Support - Support vehicle with jack stands under the frame.</li><li>Remove - Leaf springs&#44; Spring hangers&#44; and Shocks.</li><li>Lower Cross Member - Install Lower Cross Member on axle.</li><li>Step Notches - Slide notches over the frame rails as shown in picture.</li><li>Drill bolt holes - Using notches as a template&#44; drill all holes. Use a 1&#47&#59;2hp strong electric drill.</li><li>Install airbags - Tighten securely. If they are loose at the bottom&#44; they will &ldquo&#59;rock&rdquo&#59; and bend the studs.</li><li>Attach Links to the differential and the front cross-member.</li></ul><b>Parts&#58&#59;</b><ul><li>2 Frame sections &#40 right and left&#41.</li><li>1 - Front cross member.</li><li>1 - Upper cross member.</li><li>2 - Lower bag mounts.</li><li>2 - Lower link bars.</li><li>2 - Upper link bars.</li><li>1 - Differential housing link mount.</li><li>2 - Axle link bracket.</li><li>2 - Triple 2600lb bag.</li><li>2 - 2000 LL shocks.</li></ul><b>Features&#58&#59;</b><ul><li>Item Weight - 377 lbs.</li><li>Year - 1988.</li><li>Model - C3500.</li><li>Make - Chevrolet.</li></ul>
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