CAPCOM Devil May Cry 5
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From Nero to hero...It's time to hack and slash your way through hell's deadly creatures in brutal action with your Devil May Cry 5 Steam PC key. With this critically-acclaimed game, you'll reprise the role of Capcom's ultimate devil hunters in high-octane fights with evil demons and giant monsters.
ANOTHER CITY TO SAVEA strange 'Demon Tree' has emerged in Red Grave City, and with it spawns a new army of devilish creatures. Take on the role of Nero, a young demon hunter tasked with slicing and dicing these demonic beasts back to hell.
After being violently stripped of his powerful devil arm, Nero must rely on his partner Nico - a self-professed weapons artist -  to create powerful mechanical Devil Breaker arms, each with their own unique powers to take down enemies.
SON OF SPARDA RETURNSDevil May Cry wouldn't be the same without Dante, the original Devil Hunter of the franchise. Returning with his stylish swagger and white hair, players will get to brutally destroy demons with Dante's trusty sword and dual pistols, Ebony & Ivory, as well as the Cavaliere R - Dante's motorcycle that splits into two chainsaw-esque blades!
BRAND-NEW HEROTake on the role of the third (and new) protagonist 'V'. Experience a new fighting style with blends both offense and defense as V recites from his trusty book to control three demons. Use Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare to deal damage before finishing your foes with a swift hit with your majestic cane!
FIRST-TIME MULTIPLAYERWitness fellow players battling demons in your game thanks to DMC5's cameo system. Using ghost data gameplay recordings of other players, they will star in background battles as you get down to hack and slash business!
HUNT FOR ORBS AND SPEND YOUR LOOT!Collect Red Orbs from fallen enemies and various locations across each level to use at Nico's camper van, upgrading your moves, abilities and Devil Breakers. Collect Gold Orbs from secret locations or use Red Orbs to purchase them - giving you a second chance if you fall at the hands of the enemy.
Find four Blue Orbs fragments, or buy them, to increase your characters' vitality level, and keep an eye out for Green Orbs to help replenish your health!

Groundbreaking graphics
Adrenaline-fuelled boss fights
Addictive hack and slash combat
'Very Positive' Steam rated game
Heavy customizable powers and perks
Stunning graphics via Capcom's in-house RE Engine
Brand-new playable character 'V' alongside favorites Dante and Nero

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