Matri Aina bed, 180 x 200 cm, ivory melange
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Matri’s Aina bed system is a genuinely durable, genuinely sustainable bed designed to last as long as possible: its parts are easily repairable, replaceable and even recyclable when they finally reach the end of their life cycle. All materials used in the Aina bed system are certified and free of toxins, making them safe both for the environment and the sleeper. The materials are sustainably sourced, and the fabrics have a high ratio of recycled fibres. In addition to materials, the sustainability and long life of Aina, Finnish for “always”, are enhanced by the bed’s adaptability. The mattress’s padding consists of three separate pieces that you can arrange according to your own individual sleeping preferences. One of the pieces is of soft, one is of medium and one is of firm tension, and they can be placed in any order depending on where most support is needed: on the shoulders, hips or legs. The mattress will also adapt to your sleeping needs in the future, as the pieces can always be rearranged as needed. The Aina bed system consists of an upholstered frame and mattress as well as wooden legs. The bed can be complemented with the Aina bed topper and one of Matri’s headboards if desired. The bed’s mattress tension is either medium or firm, and for the double beds, you can also choose both: if both sleepers have different preferences, you can choose medium tension on one side and firm on the other. Matri recommends the medium tension to sleepers who weigh less than 70 kg, and the firm tension to those who weigh over 70 kg.
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