Panasonic AG-MDC20 Medical Compact Camera Head
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<b>Compact, Lightweight, Free-Style Shooting Inherited from First-Generation POVCAM</b><b> - Compact Camera Head for Flexible Installation - </b>• Free style: Compact, lightweight design and remote operation allow the camera to be installed in places and angles where it previously couldn't, for free-style operation.• Optional cables (3 m (9.84') /20 m (65.62')): Identical to the first generation POVCAM cables for easy system replacement.• Built-in stereo microphone: For recording both video and sounds.• Scan Reverse mode: Image inversion for shooting with a ceiling mounted Camera Head.• Scene files: Auto and three manual setting files allow scene settings to be switched and saved.<b> - Compact, Lightweight, Battery-Drive Recorder - </b>• Light weight, handy size. Improved recorder operation with a touch panel display and large buttons.• KEY LOCK function: Operation buttons can be temporarily disabled to prevent operating mistakes.• Battery operation: Equipped with a battery socket on the rear panel. Large-capacity battery supported (11,800 mAh/8,850 mAh/5,900 mAh/5,800 mAh).• DC drive: Equipped with input terminal for DC12 V power supply. AC adapter also included.• Power Supply Activation mode on the camera head linked to centralized power supply ON/OFF.• Threaded sockets provided in two locations, left and right, for arm or rack mounting.<b>Reliably Designed Especially for Medical Applications</b><b>Complies with Medical Standards</b>Medical Electronic Device Safety Standards (IEC 60601-1) and EMC Standards (IEC60601-1-2).<b>Lens Protector</b>A lens protector (MC Protector/Accessory) for the front panel of the Compact Camera Head is included as standard equipment. Protects the lens from splashes.<b>Control Section Membrane Sheet</b>The control section of the Recorder uses switches covered by a membrane sheet. The surface has few bumps and indentations, so cleaning is easy with an ethanol disinfectant.<b>High-Quality, High-Resolution Images for Recording Surgical Images</b><b> - 29.5 mm Wide-Angle Optical 20x Zoom Lens - </b>• 29.5 mm Wide-Angle Optical 20x Zoom Lens: Achieves 29.5 mm1 wide-angle in spite of its compact size.• Optical 20x zoom: Covers a range from 29.5 mm wide angle to 612 mm close ups for various applications.• Intelligent i.Zoom: Allows shooting up to 30x in HD format (22x in 4K) with high resolution. Zooms in seamlessly from the optical tele-end.• Digital zoom: This digital zoom ( x1.4/ x2/ x4/ x6/ x8) allows zooming without any change in brightness. Combining optical zoom + intelligent zoom enables zooming up to a maximum of 240x.<b> - High-Resolution 4K (UHD) /FHD Progressive Image Recording - </b>Compact Camera Head features a progressive MOS sensor with a total of 1.276-megapixels. The Recorder supports, in addition to 4K (UHD:...
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