Undergirl Nickelodeons Rugrats Chuckie Adult Union Suit - Blue/Green/Orange - Size: Extra Large
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Scaredy BabyCan you blame him? Chuckie spends most of his days being paranoid and afraid. It’s not his fault though. His friends tend to get him into some really scary situations! Just take a look at all of those episodes of Rugrats. There was that one time that they had to fight off the dibbick monster with the klobbermeister. There was the time that Tommy made him head into the scary basement to retrieve their Zippo-Glider. There was the time that they were attacked by an electronic toy gorilla in a toy store. Then, they ended up becoming pirates on the high seas. He even had to... learn how to use the potty! Yes, if there’s any baby who could use a day of relaxation, it’s Chuckie Finster.Are you like Chuckie too? Do you have plenty of friends who drag you into crazy situations? Well, then maybe you can dress up in this cozy Rugrats Chuckie union suit.Product DetailsThis Chuckie union suit is based on the iconic character from the Nickelodeon cartoon. It’s made of an extra-soft fleece material, which makes for the perfect pajama outfit to wear on your day off. It fits with a convenient zipper in the front, making it easy to put on. The top is a light blue and it even has the little planet symbol on the front, just like Chuckie’s shirt. The bottoms have the green pattern of Chuckie’s shorts. Finally, the hood is the bright orange color of Chuckie’s hair, completing the look.Comfy ChuckieWhether you wear this while you have a Rugrats marathon in your living room, or you decide to wear this for your next costume party, you’ll be one comfortable Rugrat! And if Tommy, Phil, and Lil try to get you to go on an adventure… you’ll still be dressed for the occasion.
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