Bridgestone Potenza RE980 A/S 295 /30 R20 101W XL BSW
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Offer updated on 11/28/2021
UTQG: 500AAA, SPEED RATING: W, CLASS: XL, <p>Cutting corners, making compromises, half measures. None of these describe the Bridgestone Potenza RE980 AS.<br><br>If you want a thrill-inducing, all-season sport tire, the Bridgestone Potenza RE980 A/S is packed with features specially designed for improved grip and performance.<br><br>The Potenza RE980 AS is Bridgestone’s flagship tire that has been newly engineered for improved performance in all weather conditions. Take on roads coated in water and light snow thanks to the snow ridge walls built into the circumferential grooves and the full-depth sipes, all of which work together to giving you wet and winter grip that won't compromise your dry weather thrill rides.<br><br>Get even more grip in rainy conditions—now made with 20% more see-through void and open shoulder slots, the Bridgestone Potenza RE980 A/S is better than ever at preventing hydroplaning.<br><br><b>Bridgestone Potenza RE980 A/S Features</b><br></p><ul><li>Trust all-season traction designed for wet and light snow conditions thanks to the reinforced snow ridge walls and 3D full-depth sipes</li><li>Enjoy the thrills of high-performance all-season driving thanks to the wide shoulder blocks and semi-solid center rib, which provide precise steering feedback</li><li>Make safety a priority with an improved tread pattern designed to handle braking in wet conditions</li></ul><p><b>Bridgestone Potenza RE980 A/S Treadwear and Warranty</b></p><p>Designed for responsive all-season performance and longevity, these Bridgestone Potenza tires are backed by a 50,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.<br><br>But if you want the most robust protection available for your new Bridgestone Potenza RE980 A/S tire, consider investing in our exclusive and industry-leading Certificates.<br><br>If you do, your new tires will be covered down to 3/32? of wear. And in the extremely unlikely event these tires sustain damage that can't be repaired, you'll get a brand new replacement.<br>
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