Novation Launchpad Mini MK2 Ableton Live Controller
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Offer updated on 2/5/2023
<b> The Mini Ableton Live Grid Controller </b> This is Novato's most compact and affordable Launchpad grid instrument for Ableton Live. 64 mini pads for triggering clips, playing drum racks, controlling your mixer and doing just about anything else, all while making amazing performance videos for YouTube. It's just like a Launchpad, but smaller! <b> Same Launchpad, Just Smaller </b> If you use Ableton Live, you need a Launchpad. It displays your session view on 64 multicolored pads, letting you launch multiple clips at once and control anything else in Live. It's an evolution in creating electronic music and this mini version does all the same cool stuff as the normal Launchpad. It's just as durable and gig-ready, the only difference is that it's even more portable and takes up less space in your bag or on your desk. <b> Make Something Spectacular </b> As well as launching clips, you can use the mini 64-pad grid to play drum racks, create awesome light show videos and control your mixer. There are also separate buttons around the outside of the grid, which you can use to apply killer FX or assign to whichever triggers and controls you fancy. Just imagine the possibilities if you combine this with Max for Live... <b> Connect To Just About Anything </b> Launchpad Mini works with anything because it's bus-powered via USB and totally class-compliant. You can use the grid to control FL Studio's performance mode, or grab a Camera Connect Kit and use it with your iPad to control Launchpad App. If you want to get really experimental, connect multiple Launchpad Minis together or build yourself a fully hands-on Ableton Live studio setup by combining with Launch Control, Launch Control XL or Launchkey. <b> Control Ableton Live - </b> Get hands-on control of anything in Ableton Live without any set up. <b> Fits Anywhere - </b> As our smallest and lightest Launchpad, this is perfect for a compact setup. <b> Make Something Spectacular - </b> Create awesome multicolored Launchpad light show videos. <b> Mix with Your Grid - </b> Start and stop loops, arm tracks, and control volumes, pans and sends. <b> Get Creative - </b> 64 multicolored mini pads for launching clips, playing drum racks, triggering effects and loads more. <b> Control FL Studio - </b> Play on the piano roll, trigger samples and effects, and much more it's a brand new way to play FL Studio. <b> Plug-In and Play - </b> USB bus-powered and totally class-compliant, so it works straight away without any drivers. <b> Create a Full Studio - </b> Combine Launchpads or add other Launch products to control all of Ableton Live at once. <b> Make Music Immediately- </b> Includes Ableton Live Lite, Novation Bass Station virtual instrument and 4GB of Loopmaster samples.
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