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The Mafia 2 – Director’s Cut offers the best of the underground mafia world with a package that includes all kinds of content: • The Base Game – Mafia 2 • Made Man DLC • Renegade DLC • Greaser DLC • Vegas DLC • Jimmy’s Vendetta DLC • The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC • Joe’s Adventures DLC With so much content to experience, you are sure to have dozens of hours of captivating gameplay! Getting involved with the mafia is dangerous yet rewarding. Playing as Vito Scaletta you start to build a reputation of someone who can be trusted with a job, which does not pass by the eyes of the Mafia, who want you in their family. In 2K’s action game Mafia 2 you will experience what being in a mafia is like, immersing into a real gangster storyline accompanied by a fitting soundtrack that ensures a captivating gaming experience!
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