SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo 9000 Light Set, Includes 2x Dragon 4500 Pro UW Light Head
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Offer updated on 6/28/2022
The Sea Dragon 4500F photo-video lights each deliver 4500 lumens in an even 120 Degree wide beam. Side by side they offer even more complete coverage of any subject at nearly any shooting angle including usage with wide angle dome or fisheye lenses.The dual 4500 lights offer an unmatched 96 CRI (color rendering index) with their proprietary COB LED array that closely simulates natural sunlight (A CRI of 100 would be just like outdoor daylight). Most other LED lights offer a much lower CRI, missing critical colors necessary produce natural and colorful still images and videos. The Sea Dragon 4500s, with their unique COB LED, not only offer a high CRI, it also deliver a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) value of over 97. With 100 being the highest possible TLCI value, lights producing more than 90 TLCI are acceptable for capturing true, natural colors with television studio cameras - making the Sea Dragon 9000F set the perfect combination for brilliant and colorful underwater video.The Sea Dragon 9000 dual light set also offers impressive still image results and can be used as a primary source of light. Should you want to add a strobe, the 4500 lights feature Auto Flash Detect mode, which cancels the light for one second when a strobe is fired.The Sea Dragon Duo 9000 Set's brightness can be adjusted manually or automatically with the lights' built-in photocell light sensor. The Auto Bright mode automatically adjusts from 450 to 4500 lumens based on proximity to the subject, helping to preserve your eye's natural night vision and extends battery life. The lights can also be manually adjusted to 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% brightness.Adjusting and directing your lighting is easy with the Sea Dragon Duo 9000 Set, since it includes a Flex-Connect dual tray, along with two Flex-Connect grips and two Flex-Connect flex arms. This offers the user many lighting options, and the system is ready for further expansion with other lights, strobe or additional flex arms.<b>- Sea Dragon 4500 Pro Underwater Photo/Video Light Head -</b> The Sea Dragon 4500 Photo-Video Light is your sunlight under water. Experience professional quality and accurate color rendering. The challenge to our engineering team was to create a high power true lumen professional underwater imaging light that not only gives you brightness but also adds color and warmth, all with a smooth, even 120 Degree wide beam that runs for a full hour at the highest power setting.The result is impressive; the new Sea Dragon 4500 Pro's COB LED delivers a whopping 96 CRI (Color Rendering Index) and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) Value of 97. Both values compare to natural sunlight, with 100 being the highest - or as "true sunlight". The 4500 Pro also features SeaLife's Auto Mode, which cancels the light when a flash is fired and will adjust brightness based on distance (the Auto feature can be easily deactivated).<b>Sea Dragon 4500 Pro Underwater Photo/Video...
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