Libec QD-30M 3-Section Aluminum Tripod w/QH3 Fluid Head,BR-6B Mid-Level Spreader
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Offer updated on 12/8/2022
<b> QD Series </b>"QD" stands for "Quality Defined". The QD Series redefines the Price Quality Relationship in this price range, bringing a new balance between price, payload and performance. With high confidence, Libec is launching the QD series as the flagship model as the first 150mm system in the history of the Libec brand. <b> QH-3 Head </b><b> Smooth Counterbalance System </b>The Smooth Counterbalance System is a unique Libec technology that allows the counterbalance knob to be adjusted with constant motion to smoothly reach the minimum and maximum power range. The foldaway knob is designed for easy speedy adjustments.<b> Counterbalance Meter </b>The counterbalance power level can be easily viewed by looking at the Counterbalance Meter, allowing users to keep an eye on their preferred counterbalance settings.<b> Center Tilt Lock with High Safety </b>For the camera system's safety, the head can be physically locked into a center tilt position. Even at a distance, the arrow shaped knob and Lock / Unlock symbols are visible.<b> Flat Base and 150mm Ball Base Adapter </b>The BL-150 ball base adapter, which converts the flat base head into a 150mm ball head, is included with the kit.<b> 1/4" and 3/8" Screw Holes for Accessory Attachments </b>Each side of the tripod has three screw holes for accessory attachments.<b> New Leg Lock Knob </b>Design The newly designed leg lock knob are easy to turn, allowing users to adjust tripod legs quickly and firmly.
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