Telex RTS TR-82N UHF Two-Channel Beltpack Transceiver, A4M Headset Jack, B5 Band
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Offer updated on 5/26/2022
The Telex RTS TR-82N is a full duplex (simultaneous talk and listen) beltpack that works in conjunction with a BTR-80N base station. The beltpack allows a user, via a headset attached to the beltpack, to communicate with other wireless or wired users. Other base stations and / or wired systems connect to the beltpack's base station. The base station is what allows the audio path interconnections for the beltpack audio. The TALK, WTA (wireless talk around) and SA (stage announce) buttons on a beltpack turn the beltpack's microphone in put on or off. They also select the audio paths for the beltpack's audio in the base.
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