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Offer updated on 9/19/2021
Give your games a boost with these high quality, royalty free sounds. From clashing swords for RPG adventures to lazer blasts for sci-fi games. There are hundreds of sounds for you to tap into when you're making your next great game.This Sound DLC is packed with high quality sounds, supplied in wav file format in both stereo and mono formats. The pack is categorised as follows:* Actions x 30* Vehicles x 30* Blade Combat x 30* Buttons x 30 * Doors, Draws, Locks x 30* Environments x 10* Explosions x 30* Guns x 30* Misc x 30* Movement x 30* Pickups x 30* Spells & Potions x 30* Bonus Spring Pack x 30* Christmas themed sounds x 30A total of 400 unique sound effects!Here's a full breakdown of all the great sounds included the pack:Actions* Percussive spell with thunder and sparkles* Squeaky door close* Squeaky door open* Wooden drawer sliding shut* Wooden drawer sliding open* Gurgly water bubbles* Watery slosh* Dropped object onto hard wood* Dropped object onto cloth bag* Crunch bite* Ba-dump heartbeat* Sliding door close* Sliding door open* Metal lock turn and click* Short metal clank of lock bolt* Metal bolt of inside door* Magical swell and sparkles* Percussive twinkle* Deep percussive boom and sparkles* Fading looping wibble, like a sustained ray* Swell of multiple voices and thunder* Book opening or page turn* Lifting clay object off hard surface* Lifting heavy object off hard surface* Water flow and hiss, extinguish fire* Fuzz of CB radio, walkie talkie* Sliding heavy object on hard floor* Sliding object on smooth floor* Match strike* Unlock click and fast squeaky door openingVehicles* Pane of glass break and shatter* Boom, construction saws and motorised sound with beeps* Electric motor, bleeps and mechanical clicks* Boom with white hiss, regular beeps and tonal hum* Hammering on metal with construction site sounds* Looping large vehicle engine* Decelerating engine with hiss and debris* High powered car engine, external* High powered car engine, internal* Light helicopter blade sound with tonal hum* Click and light beep* Gyrocopter blades* Conveyor belt rattle with debris* Helicopter blades spinning with jet engine* Decelerating motor with hiss* Jet engine burn with motor* Metal hammering with mechanical conveyor belt and debris* Engine start for large vehicle* Large circular saw pulse tailing off with crisp of wood* Military radio style speech 'OK'* Military radio style speech 'Roger That'* Car engine, external* Chugging white-noise based synthetic steam engine* Large vehicle engine* Single pulse of large vehicle engine as though passing by* Idle diesel engine* Slush of moving though water* Motor with large crisping thump* Light electric motor pulse with beep* Beep with light electric motor pulseBlade Combat* Whop and heavy steel clash* Whop and heavy steel clash* Whop and heavy steel clash* Whop and light blade impact* Whop and classic karate punch* Whop and light blade impact* Whop and light blade impact* Whop and light blade impact* Whop...
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