Hasbro The Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Z6 Riot Control Baton - Gray - Size: One Size
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Offer updated on 6/20/2021
Just Cosplayin’Cosplay is all about customization. Some people want to dress up like Finn, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Others want to transform into Rey, the new Force user who’s ready to do battle against the forces of evil. Some want to dress up like Kylo Ren to live out their fantasy of becoming a powerful villain. Us? We think it doesn’t get any better than cosplaying as FN-2199.For starters, FN-2199 gets to wear that snazzy new Stormtrooper armor. Second, we like his go get ‘em attitude. Did you see the way he ditched his blaster just to fight Finn in a fair fight? That shows some real moxie. Finally, he’s skilled in the use of a Z6 Riot Control Baton. That’s a weapon that not every First Order soldier can use! Of course, if you plan on cosplaying as FN-2199, then you’re going to need a Z6 Riot Control Baton of your own, like with this Force FX Black Series model.Fun DetailsThis Star Wars The Black Series Force FX Z6 Riot Control Baton is a collectible from The Force Awakens. It comes with its own display base. It has self-releasing flip-out prongs and a metal handle. It vibrates and makes authentic movies sounds and requires 3 AA batteries to operate. Pair it with your Stormtrooper costume and you’ll be ready to battle it out with First Order traitors.
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