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Includes photographs, bibliographies, lists, dealer catalogs and some ephemera: 1. BOB BORGEN; 8.5 x 11, 4pp, single-sided, stapled at upper left corner (folds); 2 columns per page. List of hockey books (alphabetically by author) providing only author's last name, binding (hardcover, paperback). 2. BUSINESS CARD: World's Foremost Wayne Gretzky Memorabilia Collector; 3.5 x 2, yellow cardboard w. red, black type; writing on back. Ill. of a hockey stick. 3. DOMINION BOOKS; Gene Suignard; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Group of 3 catalogs, ea. 5.5 x 8.5: generally excellent condition, possibly with some ink marks, items circled, etc.: HOCKEY BOOKS AND MAGAZINES; Catalogue #3; October, 1997; 12 pp incl. covers; 144 items. HOCKEY BOOKS; Catalogue #4; Winter/Spring, 1999; 24 pp incl. covers; 275 items. HOCKEY BOOKS; Catalogue #4; Winter/Spring, 1999 Supplement; 8 pp incl. covers; 60 items 4. HOCKEY BIBLIOGRAPHY by William J. Morris (Oak Park, Il); 11 pp; 10.75 x 8.5 (folded, a few ink marks, bent corners). Undated, but ca. 1995-1996; Typed, with 2 pages per sheet - so 22 pp of hockey books - ALPHA BY AUTHOR, *Research, Annotated, Data Inputted ; presumably never published. 5. (THE) HOCKEY BOOK CATALOGUE; SPORTSBOOK PLUS; 1995/96 SEASON; Vancouver, British Columbia; October, 1995; Orange wraps, 5.5 x 8.5, 48 pp, ; fn. HOCKEY books for sale: Organized by sub-category: History, Women, Teams, etc. Lots of hockey books - plus video, audio, software. Guy Rutter cover ill. "All Prices in Canadian Dollars" 6. HOCKEY BOOKS - Original 12-9-96; 14 x 8.5, 25 pp, stapled at upper right corner; PHOTOCOPY of handwritten list; Alphabetical order (Author s last name) w. author, title, publisher, publication date, # pages for most items. Un-numbered, but 15 or so listings per page…. Handwritten note (9.25 x 8.5, Major League Baseball on CBS stationary) accompanying list says the Martin bibliography was used as framework for this list. Presumably un-published. 7. PRESS RELEASE: FURY - INSIDE THE LIFE OF THEOREN FLEURY by Andrew H. Malcom; McClelland & Stewart; Toronto, Ontario; single sheet, 8.5 x 11 (folded w. corner crease). Two-sided press release with publisher's letterhead & contact info; description of the 1997 biography and author Malcom & more. 8. PICTURES OF HOCKEY BOOKS; Group of 18 snapshots picturing front covers of 81 hockey titles (occasional duplication, especially of Tiger Williams); some nice images of some nice books.
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