Rubies Costume Co. Inc Adult Lando Calrissian Grand Heritage Costume - Black/Blue - Size: Extra Large
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Offer updated on 8/4/2021
Heck, sometimes, even the smoothest talking smuggler needs to make a life change. You know that hustlin' and gamblin' your way to success is only sure to last so long. So, are you ready to hang up your get-rich-quick schemes , gambling, card playing, and become a city administrator of a Tibanna gas mine? It's a small operation that doesn't fall into the jurisdiction of the Empire. And you'll have to deal with all kinds of issues (supply problems of every kind, labor difficulties). But the position does come with a pretty sweet cape!If that sounds like your cup of tea, you should probably tackle your new career in this Lando Calrissian Grand Heritage costume. With the elite details that matter, you're going to feel just like the famed leader of Cloud City, on-again/off-again Captain of the Millennium Falcon, and a General of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. (Phew, that's quite the resume!)We're sure that if your new persona doesn't convince any and all that you're a smooth operator and capable leader, that the cape on this costume sure will! Fully lined, the elegant gold floral patterned cape will have you looking like a smoothie and a boss. With faux leather accents and iconic on-screen styling of the shirt, pants, and cape combination, you'll have an elite look that will let you become one of your favorite characters. But you're still going to be on your own when it comes to the smooth talk. And who might you be?
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