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Structural, Physical, and Chemical Properties of Fluorous Compounds, by J.A. Gladysz Selective Fluoroalkylation of Organic Compounds by Tackling the “Negative Fluorine Effect”, by W. Zhang, C. Ni and J. Hu Synthetic and Biological Applications of Fluorous Reagents as Phase Tags, by S. Fustero, J. L. Aceña and S. Catalán Chemical Applications of Fluorous Reagents and Scavengers, by Marvin S. Yu Fluorous Methods for the Synthesis of Peptides and Oligonucleotides, by B. Miriyala Fluorous Organic Hybrid Solvents for Non-Fluorous Organic Synthesis, by I. Ryu Fluorous Catalysis: From the Origin to Recent Advances, by J.-M. Vincent Fluorous Organocatalysis, by W. Zhang Thiourea Based Fluorous Organocatalyst, by C. Cai Fluoroponytailed Crown Ethers and Quaternary Ammonium Salts as Solid–Liquid Phase Transfer Catalysts in Organic Synthesis, by G. Pozzi and R. H. Fish Fluorous Hydrogenation, by X. Zhao, D. He, L. T. Mika and I. T. Horváth Fluorous Hydrosilylation, by M. Carreira and M. Contel Fluorous Hydroformylation, by X. Zhao, D. He, L.T. Mika and I. Horvath Incorporation of Fluorous Glycosides to Cell Membrane and Saccharide Chain Elongation by Cellular Enzymes, by K. Hatanaka Teflon AF Materials, by H. Zhang and S. G. Weber Ecotoxicology of Organofluorous Compounds, by M. B. Murphy, E. I. H. Loi, K. Y. Kwok and P. K. S. Lam Biology of Fluoro-Organic Compounds, by X.-J. Zhang, T.-B. Lai and R. Y.-C. Kong
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