Kandao Obsidian Pro 12K 3D 360 Degree Cinematic VR Camera, 8x1TB SSD Bundle
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Offer updated on 8/18/2022
Kandao Obsidian Pro can capture 12K x 12K 30FPS 3D panoramic video. Eight APS-C sensors, and eight 6K f2.8 Lenses with a 14-elements 10-groups optical design ensure cinematic imaging quality. It is the first panoramic camera that has an electronic-control adjustable focus distance and aperture.Its 14-stops dynamic range realizes the smooth transition from shadow to highlight. 24 million pixels and ISO value that can reach 12800 are the key factors for recording rich details and performing excellently even in dark.12-bit RAW video and All-I 4:2:2 10-bit video recording are both available. 8-in-1 SSDs module achieve high-speed Storage for eight-lens.<b>Eight APS-C</b>Super Large Sensors<b>Electronic Aperture/Focus Control</b>Auto Eight Lens Synchronization<b>f2.8 Large Aperture</b>High-Resolution Fisheye Lens<b>Eight APS-C Super Large Sensors</b>It's the world-first cinematic 360 Degree camera with 8 APS-C sensors. 24 million pixels and high photosensitivity are the key factors for recording rich details and performing excellently even in dark.Photosensitivity to ISO 12800<b>14 Stops Dynamic Range</b>Achieve smoothly transit from shadow to highlight, and provide more possibility for post-processing.<b>Electronic Aperture Control</b>It is the first panoramic camera equipped with lenses that have an adjustable aperture. The maximum aperture is f2.8, supports f2.8 to f16. Up to 16 stops of adjustable exposure for precise control on the depth of field and creative capturing with motion blur.<b>Electronic Focus Control</b>It is unique with selectable focus distances. Offer "Near" and "Normal" as two options. Satisfy different focus requirement under the huge aperture.<b>Eight Lenses Design</b>135 Degree horizontal FOV, 195 Degree vertical FOV, and 12K-resolution for capture and perform in perfection.<b>300% as Capturing Coverage. Stitching Can Always be Perfect</b>Eight-lenses structure ensures every single angle can be covered by three lenses so that capturing coverage can reach 300%. Offer full-cover footages for panorama stitching and 3D rendering.<b>Cinema-Imaging-Tech Lens</b>With a 14 elements 10 groups optical design, chromatic dispersion and false color are greatly reduced. High-precision multi-layer coating technology and sapphire material further reduce glare and ghosting, achieve a spectacular optical performance.<b>12K x 12K 30fps 3D Panoramic Video</b>60fps Super Resolution 12K 3D Panoramic Video is even Available.<b>Support Multi-Format Video Recording</b>12bit RAW video recording and 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 HQ video recording Supporting Frame Rate: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 50, 59.94, 60.• 12bit RAW Video Recording• 10-bit Apple ProRes 422 HQ Video Recording<b>4K Proxy Files. Post-Edit Efficiently</b>In-cam stitched 4K proxy files is convenient for...
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