Starline, LLC. Silent One Costume Scary Women's Costume - Orange/White - Size: Large
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Offer updated on 6/17/2021
May I Have You For Dinner?People might look at you askance sometimes but you get it at this point. You're no angel, you've made some culinary decisions that were. . . how can we say this? Out of the box. There was a time when people looked up to you. You had the best taste in art. Your ear for music was refined. And most of all, the meals coming out of your kitchen were to die for. Full of mystery and deep flavor, people would ask what made it delicious but you never told them. It's not only magicians that refuse to tell their secrets. But now you're here. Behind bars. Some people could use this as an opportunity to look down at you, treat you rudely but they shouldn't. After all, you still know a few things!Product DetailsDressing as a high-security prisoner has never been so fashionable. You'll look ready for escape in the off-shoulder dress. The black neckline border has buckle detailing as does the black material on the body of the dress, making it look like you're safely restrained. The mask is flexible and straps around the back of your head comfortably so you can keep your poker face hidden at all times. You're not telling anyone anything until their cards are on the table!Smooth CriminalIf you're ready to bust out of these prison walls and head out into the festive Halloween air, then you've chosen the right costume. We aren't going to blame anyone for turning down your invitation to dinner, no matter how delicious those fava beans might sound. But hey, you're sure to be a hit at parties! You'll have a great time with your new found freedom sipping a beverage through a straw from the confines of your mask. Just be careful to avoid any encounters with the cops and stay away from foodie conversations. You don't want to go blowing your secrets just because you let a recipe slip!
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