AJA KONA 3G SD/HD/3G PCIe Card, 3G-SDI Mini-BNC-BNC AdapterCable, Breakout Cable
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Offer updated on 8/15/2022
Top-of-the-line capabilities and quality make KONA 3G the go-to desktop I/O card.<BR><BR>KONA 3G is a video and audio desktop I/O card that provides video professionals with unparalleled features for handling everything from SD to HD, 2K and 4K with full 10-bit uncompressed clarity. With a broadcast quality up-,down-,cross-converter and the ability to work in 3D, KONA 3G has the power for the work you do today and into the future.<Br><Br>KONA 3G offers users a single, powerful card with support for 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 color spaces to provide the highest quality for your images. The futureproof architecture means you can easily work with HD and 2K now and switch to working at 4K resolution when the need arises even at frame rates up to 60 fps, without the requirement for new hardware. without the requirement for new hardware.<BR><Br>KONA 3G supports Dual Link 4:4:4 HD-SDI, with full-bandwidth 4:4:4 RGB at 10-bits for 1080i, 1080p, 1080PsF and 720p formats. KONA 3G can also convert between 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 formats for single link HD-SDI monitoring and output.<Br><Br>For SDI video, KONA 3G features two 3G/HD/SD inputs and two outputs. HDMI 1.4a monitoring output, LTC I/O, Genlock input and configurable 3 x BNC SD/HD analog video output. Switch KONA 3G into 4K mode and all four BNC connections can be used for 4K capture or output.<Br><Br>KONA 3G's extensive 4K support allows output directly from editing systems to 4K projectors or monitors, including HFR support at 50/60 fps and 4K HDMI output to support the latest UltraHD monitors, allowing editors and clients to view full resolution 4K images as they work. This output capability enables a powerful 4K workflow that is also affordable and manageable.<Br><Br>The built-in up-,down-, cross-converter brings any video to a unified resolution, simplifying workflows and eliminating the need to adjust resolution within software. KONA 3G also includes a powerful hardware downstream keyer that can place graphic files with an alpha channel, selectable color matte or the contents of the card ½s frame buffer over the video being input to the card.<Br><Br><b>From SD to 4K in a single card</b><Br>KONA 3G is futureproof, allowing you to easily work in HD and 2K and switch to working at 4K resolution without the need for additional or new hardware. Leading the way for quality 4K capture, monitoring and output, KONA 3G offers 4K in both YCbCr and RGB. When 4K mode is selected, the four SDI connectors are remapped as I/O for handling the four quadrants of a 4K picture, providing support for most standard 4K formats.<Br><BR><B>Integrated AJA hardware conversion</B><Br>KONA 3G features full 10-bit, broadcast-quality, motion-adaptive SD to HD up conversion, HD to HD cross conversion, HD to SD down conversion, and automatic SD/HD 12-bit component analog output. Since all conversion...
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