Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 205 /55 R17 95Y XL BSW N1
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Offer updated on 10/24/2021
UTQG: 220AAA, SPEED RATING: Y, CLASS: XL, <p>This extreme-performance summer tire isn’t for the faint of heart. From world-renowned French speed demons comes the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2–a tire originally developed for use on professional sports cars and performance sedans.&nbsp;</p><p>When your race-day performance depends on precise handling, crisp cornering, and high-speed capability, the Pilot Sport PS2 has your sports car covered. Thanks to its hybrid rubber compound and unique tread pattern, this summer tire is engineered to deliver world-class dry traction and handling, so you can get the confidence you need to race to the finish line.&nbsp;</p><p><b>Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Features&nbsp;</b></p><ul><li>Enhanced wet road traction provided by the wide circumferential grooves that help repel water&nbsp;</li><li>Maxed out on-road contact for lightning-fast steering response delivered courtesy of the tread pattern specially designed with racing-slick style outer shoulder blocks&nbsp;</li><li>Race-winning grip for cornering control, as well as fast braking and accelerating thanks to the proprietary rubber compound and asymmetric tread&nbsp;</li></ul><p><b>Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Treadwear and Warranty&nbsp;</b></p><p>Rarely seen on UHP summer rubber, Michelin backs these PS2 tires with a limited, 20,000-mile treadwear warranty, in addition to the standard workmanship and materials warranty.&nbsp;</p><p>But If you want the most robust protection available for your new Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires, consider investing in our exclusive and industry-leading Certificates. If you do, you get complete coverage and your new Pilot Sport PS2 tires will be covered down to 3/32" of wear. And in the extremely unlikely event these tires sustain damage that can't be repaired, you'll get a brand new replacement Pilot Sport PS2. (You can add our Certificate coverage in the cart of your order.)&nbsp;</p><p>Experience the exceptional dry traction, surprising luxury, and corn
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