Sony HXC-FB80KN 1080/60p HD Studio Camera, 2/3" Lens, 3.5" Viewfinder, Mic
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Offer updated on 8/15/2022
<b> HXC-FB80 Full HD Studio Camera system </b> Compact, versatile and cost-effective, your ideal entry to the world of 4K and HD HDR live production.<b> A full HD studio camera system with 4K upscale and HD HDR capability </b> Sony introduces an ideal solution for 4K/HD live production, delivering efficient operation and expanding applications in the business and industry market in addition to the content creation applications for broadcast and production. <b> Images that bring people together </b> Enter the world of 4K and HD HDR live production with Sony's affordable HXC-FB80 studio camera. Ideal for low light productions, with a longer cable extension and extra functionality like paint control. The HXC-FB80 can be your low cost entry into 4K UHD video broadcast. <b> Discover the new HXC-FB80 </b> The new HXC-FB80 HD Portable Camera is equipped with three 2/3-inch full-HD Exmor CMOS sensor to provide excellent sensitivity - F13 in 50 Hz and F12 in 59.94 Hz in 1080 mode - with a typical signal-to-noise ratio of -60 dB. With sensors, you can flexibly configure these camera as required and you can use a wide range of output formats. <b> 4K upscale and HD HDR </b> The newly developed 3G platform enhances the HXC-FB80's capabilities in 1080/50p and 59.94p signal processing while achieving low power consumption. Furthermore, in combination with the HXCU-FB80 4K/HD Camera Control Unit, the HXC-FB80 offers useful expandability including 4K upscale and HD HDR support (HLG, Hybrid Log-Gamma) for a future-proof solution. <b> 5 great reasons to choose the HXC-FB80 studio camera </b> There are very exciting reasons to discover our HXC-FB80 Full HD studio camera. Compact, versatile and appealingly cost-effective, it's your ideal entry to the world of 4K and HD HDR live production. <b> Your future proofed 4K live production solution </b> The HXC-FB80 gives you a future proofed entry point to the benefits of 4K production. Teamed with the HXCU-FB80 Camera Control Unit, detail-packed 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) images are available - making the HXC-FB80 system ideal for creating content in Ultra HD. The camera can comfortably output 3G-SDI signals including 1080/50p and 59.94p. The 3G processor can also support 1080/23.92PsF on top of 25PsF and 29.97PsF. <b> Ready for HDR </b> Future-proof your content for viewers to enjoy on the fast-growing choice of High Dynamic Range TV sets and display devices. A free firmware update (scheduled for summer 2018) enables HD HDR production, with support for HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma). <b> Big on picture quality and performance </b> The HXC-FB80 offers impressive imaging performance and functionality in a portable camera. It's an ideal partner for our RCP-1000/1500 series remote control panels - or team with the HZC-RCP5 remote control software for a highly convenient live 5-camera system. You'll enjoy many advanced...
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