Rubies Costume Co. Inc She Hulk Deluxe Women's Costume - Green/Purple/White - Size: Large
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Throw the Book At 'EmWe all know about the frightening power of the Incredible Hulk. We've watched mountains come down from his rage. We've seen villains go flying back into space. Heck, we've watched the Black Widow shaking in her boots. (And, frankly, that's more terrifying than anything else!) But, Bruce Banner needed to go through all sorts of mental strain before he managed to keep the Hulk under control and bring his Banner brain back to bear. Incredible, sure... but there are better!We're hoping that you know all about Jennifer Walters. Her greatest weakness used to be a serious case of shyness. But, when she received the same dose of gamma particles into her blood as Banner, she quickly got over that. Now, she can tackle the baddies with brute strength and also with book smarts! Not only are her muscles mighty, but her knowledge of the law can keep some of the baddies locked up for good. (And, if all else fails, that's one heck of an arm for book throwing!) Fun DetailsWhether you're tackling villains or proving yourself on the Battleworld of a convention, you'll have everything you need with this officially licensed Deluxe She Hulk costume. The bodysuit features green sleeves and legs as well as a glossy purple and white leotard to give you an authentic She Hulk look. Make a fist with the included fingerless purple gloves and complete your look with over-the-knee boot covers!  A Perfect TeammateSuperhero squads are always looking for the right member to join them. Some want strength. Others want smarts. Well, you'll be a great member for any Marvel group with this Deluxe She Hulk costume. Not only will you fit in great with the Avengers and Fantastic Four, but you can make a great solo career with the perfect power of brains and brawn combined!
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