FUN Costumes Feathered Showgirl Costume - Black/Gray - Size: Small
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Roarin' Prior to the Roarin' 20s, clothes were pretty bland. We're talking petticoats and corsets. Full-length skirts and long hair. Crazy huge hats and bustles. Feathers and floofs. Blech. Talk about boring. Which is why we're super excited for the drastic change of pace that came in the 1920s. Dresses got short. Girls got bobbed haircuts. Outfits had glitz and tassels, suave and sass. Girls smoked and drank with the guys. We're talking the advent of coolness here. As a matter of fact, if this century doesn't have a Roaring 20s resurgence, we'll be totally annoyed. In preparation for the inevitable comeback of all things 20s, we're gonna start dressing up like flapper girls right now. Yup. You heard us. We're going to find those tassels, procure those feathers, and practice the Charleston. We're gonna find ourselves some good jazz, get dressed to the nines, and be the cat's pajamas. So what do ya say, ducky? You in or out? Fun DetailsThat's what we thought. You always seemed like a smart one. Alright then, let's get a good wardrobe going! How about we start with this Feathered Showgirl Costume? This outfit has a long top with a full-length zipper up the back, and straps meeting at a high neckline. The top has glittery velour over a stretchy lace camisole, and the hemline shows off sequined and beaded appliques. The underskirt has rows of iridescent jewel-tone feathers, and this cute little ensemble even comes with an elastic headband sporting a silver sequined applique and feather. Wear this little number out and about and you'll no doubt be the talk of the town. Dudding UpAnd by talk of the town, we mean that everyone will be talking about how stunning you look because 20s fashion will be so in. At least, that's the plan. We'll see how it goes. Regardless if they're all on board or not, we're sure everyone will agree that you're the bee's knees! 
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