Magenta Research Mondo MatriX III 4U 48x16 Switch, 1 Frame
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Offer updated on 5/18/2022
<b> Introducing Magenta's Mondo Matrix III </b>A full-matrix switching platform capable of switching and extending hi-definition video, stereo audio and addrresable duplex serial signals in one switching platform.Building on the incredible success of the Mondo Matrix II, Magenta's Mondo Matrix III redefines the standard for UTP switching and extension by adding optional addressable duplex capability and a variety of redundancy and performance improvements. The new addressable duplex serial capability enables digital signage applications to collect individual display data and metrics in addition to independent control over each display. Like its predecessor, the field upgradable Mondo III also futu More• Full matrix switching and UTP extension of HD-video, stereo audio and serial signals• -SAP option supports addressable duplex serial through a switch• Audio and serial signals can be switched independently of video• Scalable and field upgradable from 16x16 to 256x512• Compatible with all MultiView-SAP transmitters, receivers and distribution amplifiers• Enables extension of 1920x1200 resolution video from 1 to 2000ft/609m1• Option to add up to 8 serial input ports (-SAP version only)• 64x16 support in a 4U Chassis uses significantly lower rack-space than RGB co-axial switchers<b> Save Equipment and Labor Cost with UTP Switching </b>The Mondo III UTP switching platform delivers significant advantages in functionally, cost, power consumption and installation complexity over BNC-based RGB switches.<b> Fully Compatible with Multiview -SAP Series </b>With built in support for UTP extension, the Mondo III, combined with Magenta's MultiView-SAP transmitters and receivers, reduce the extension equipment requirements by 50% and enables extension of HD-quality video, stereo audio and addressable duplex serial signals over an unsurpassed range of 2000ft/ 609m. Two-way serial functionality is retained even when daisy chaining receivers off a Mondo III -SAP output!<b> Protect Your Investment </b>Mondo III delivers a modulator platform which is scalable from 16x16 to an unmatched switching capacity of 256x512. It also future-proofs your investment by allowing for additional inputs and outputs to be added in the field in increments of 16. With the Mondo III, you can minimize your capital expenditure to today's needs while ensuring cost-effective upgradability for the future.
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