Telex RTS RadioCom BTR-80N Two-Channel Base Station, A4M Headset Jack, H5 Band
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The Telex RTS RadioCom BTR-80N narrow band wireless intercom system offers the most comprehensive, user friendly and versatile set of features available in wireless intercom systems anywhere in the world. The base station can accommodate up to 4 full duplex TR-80N or TR-82N beltpacks. A base may be used with an unlimited number of beltpacks in push-to-TX (half duplex) operation. In push-to-TX mode the unit provides a "First-On-Latch-Out" feature. This feature al lows only one beltpack transmitter active at a time when multiple users are on a single base receive channel. The base station, via the beltpacks or its local head set, al lows communication with other wireless or wired users. The 2-wire and 4-wire intercoms may even be used at the same time. The wired audio interfaces to the base are: • 2-Wire (Telex, RTS, Clear-Com) - 2 intercom channels • 4-Wire - 2 audio channels • Auxiliary (both input and output) • SA (Stage Announce) (output) • WTA (Wireless Talk Around). 2 channels of a private 2-wire intercom just among TR-80N and TR-82N beltpacks• Local base station headsetThe base also has a relay closure available that is activated when the SA is pressed at any beltpack. There are 4 easily accessible portable connect buttons on the front panel. The buttons may be used to turn off the audio from any of the four base receivers while at the same time killing the talk/transmitter at the associated beltpack. The base station comes with 36 engineering selected; inter modulation-avoiding groups of channels, plus the ability for the user to enter frequencies of their own via 12 user defined groups. <b> Additional Features </b>• Flexible Number of Beltpack Users per Base Station• RF meter on BTR-80N, TR-80N and TR-82N• Selectable Output Power• User-adjustable receiver squelch control• Wireless talk-around (WTA) and Stage Announce (SA)• 25 kHz RF Bandwidth
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