Sony HXC-P70H Full HD Multi-Purpose POV Camera
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Offer updated on 8/15/2022
Sony is pleased to introduce an affordable compact Point-of-View (POV) HD multi-purpose camera, the HXC-P70 f a portable companion camera system that integrates seamlessly with the popular HXC-D70 camera system. Following form and functionality similar to that of the proven high-end HDC-P1, this new HXC-P70 camera is equipped with three 2/3-inch Exmore CMOS sensors with high sensitivity. As a standalone or systemized studio camera, the HXC-P70 offers very high-quality full-HD 1080i or 720p pictures. As a true companion camera, the same precise adjustments found on the HXC-D70 Series are available utilizing the same remote control panels (RCP) and control surfaces developed for Sony's HXC Series system cameras. The most unique feature of the HXC-P70 is the direct integration of fiber cable connection into the camera and subsequent connection to the HXCU-FB70 camera control unit. You can use either a hybrid-type fiber cable or single-mode fiber cable, depending on system configurations. The compact and lightweight HXC-P70 is an ideal POV camera for a wide range of applications that need HD-quality images to be captured at angles and locations that are impossible for traditional HD cameras. Weighing only 1.5 kg, the HXC-P70 is easy to install in production environments such as on a crane, helicopter, pan/tilt head or in underwater housing. With cutting-edge performance, operability and system flexibility, the HXC-P70 is a cost-effective, high-performance multi-purpose camera that can be utilized in a wide range of applications.<b> Superb three 2/3-inch-type CMOS Sensors </b>Images from the HXC-P70 feature high picture quality equivalent to that of the well-reputed HXC-D70 (HD/SD system camera). Both cameras share the same image sensor, achieving a high sensitivity of F12 (at 1080/59.94i) or F13 (at 1080/50i) while keeping a very high signal-to-noise ratio. The HXC-D70 makes fewer material demands f it has a mechanism for direct connection of fiber cable and an electrical color correction (CC) filter.<b> Integrated ND filter, electrical CC Filter and TLCS </b>The HXC-P70 is equipped with a neutral density (ND) optical servo filter unit and electrical color correction (CC) filter. Along with ND filter selection, the CC filter can be controlled locally or from a remote control panel and offers four color temperature settings. The total level control system (TLCS) function provides automatic control of gain/iris/shutter and is a highly effective tool to cope with changing lighting conditions. <b> Expandable Operability with the HXCU-FB70 </b>The HXCU-FB70 optical fiber camera control unit (CCU) enables precise control of HXC-P70 picture adjustments and ensures easy and precise color matching among HXC-D70 and HXC-P70 cameras.<b> Long-distance Transmission up to 10 km </b> The hybrid-type optical fiber cable can extend the distance between the camera and the HXCUFB70 CCU to a maximum of 500m while supplying...
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