FUN Costumes Evil Executioner Costume for Plus Size Men 2X - Black/Brown/Gray - Size: 2X
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Offer updated on 6/18/2021
Dirty JobsSomeone has to do the dirty work. After all, the king sits on his lazy behind all day, so there’s little chance that he’s going to sully his hands with any of the tough jobs. He just gets to shout orders from his throne all day. Someone has to take care of the horses in the stables. Someone has to wash the dishes in the kitchen. Someone has to clean all of the rugs in the great hall. And, yes, someone needs to execute all of the dastardly criminals of the kingdom.Look, it’s not a glamorous job, but it’s important. Otherwise, all of the brigands and highwaymen would be free to do whatever they please to the common townsfolk. Then, the peasants would rise up, overthrow the king and instate a new leader. The king doesn’t want that. You don’t want that. And the peasants don’t really want that either. Heck, sometimes just having an executioner dressed up in an evil looking outfit can keep those outlaws on the right side of the law!Design & DetailsYou can serve your kingdom as the realm’s newest executioner. This plus size Evil Executioner costume turns you into the creepiest servant of the king that the kingdom has ever seen! The tunic is gray faux suede with a cream apron in front that has faux blood splatters on the front. It also comes with a gray hood that fits over your face, so those pesky criminals will never be able to a good look at your true identity. The belt is black faux leather, as are the gloves.Renaissance ManYou probably won’t even have to do any of the king’s dirty work when you wear this plus size Renaissance-style executioner costume. Most of the brigands will be so frightened of being punished by you that crime will be non-existent in the land
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