DJI 3850mAh Intelligent Flight Battery Plus for Mini 3 Pro Drone
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Offer updated on 6/25/2022
The DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery Plus is a 7.38 V, 3850 mAh battery.<Br><B>Features</B><bR><b>Balanced Charging</b>During charging, the voltages of the battery cells are automatically balanced.<b>Auto-Discharging Function</b><bR>To prevent swelling, the battery automatically discharges to approximately 96% of the battery level when it is idle for one day, and approximately 60% when idle for nine days. It is normal to feel moderate heat from the battery while it is discharging.<bR><bR><b>Overcharge Protection</b><bR>The battery stops charging automatically once fully charged.<bR><bR><b>Temperature Detection</b>To prevent damage, the battery only charges at temperatures from 5 Degree to 40 Degree C (41 Degree to 104 Degree F). Charging stops automatically if the temperature of the battery cells exceed 55 Degree C (131 Degree F) during charging.<bR><bR><b>Overcurrent Protection</b>The battery stops charging if an excess current is detected.<bR><b>Over-Discharge Protection</b>Discharging stops automatically to prevent excess discharge when the battery is not in use. Over-discharge protection is not enabled when the battery is in use.<bR><bR><b>Short Circuit Protection</b><bR>The power supply is automatically cut if a short circuit is detected.<bR><bR><b>Battery Cell Damage Protection</b><bR>DJI Fly displays a warning prompt when a damaged battery cell is detected.<bR><bR><b>Hibernation Mode</b><bR>If the battery cell voltage is lower than 3.0 V or the battery level is less than 10%, the battery enters Hibernation mode to prevent over-discharge. Charge the battery to wake it from hibernation.<bR><bR><b>Communication</b><bR>Information about the voltage, capacity, and current of the battery is transmitted to the aircraft.
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