Morris Costumes Reaper's Ride Animatronic 7 Foot Prop - Gray - Size: One Size
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Offer updated on 5/6/2021
Doesn't it feel like certain things just don't show up quite as often as they used to? Only a few short centuries ago, it seemed like folks were always stumbling across unicorns and dragons, or getting bombarded by ecstatic visions of angels and ghosts. Then there are more modern mysteries, like, where did we put our car keys? Or, what's the closest establishment that will deliver a burrito to my living room?Every so often, it's good to remind people that mysterious forces could be lurking around every corner. It keeps them sharp, you know? But we're guessing that if you hang our missing car keys on your front porch, people will be more confused than enlightened. Here's something they'll miss at their own peril and understand down to their bones: this primally-spooky Seven-Foot Reaper's Ride Animatronic Prop. It's a seven-foot-tall monster of a prop whose eyes (steed and rider) glow, heads move, and legs go when activated by sound, motion, or an on/off switch. You can connect it to a fog machine, even, for the full dastardly effect.Set it in your front yard, entryway, on your porch—dangerously close to your neighbor's yardline, even. For one glorious moment, force your neighbors to look upon the spectral face of the supernatural and his equally ethereal steed! Add some theremin music, and they'll be shaking in their boots.
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