STENS New 315-792-6 Hi-Lift Blade Shop Pack for Dixie Chopper A60227-60N, 30227-60V, 30227-60H, Gravely 48864, 46999
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Offer updated on 1/21/2022
Stens High Lift Lawn Mower Blades create a strong suction that pulls grass upwards as it is being cut, which leaves the lawn with a precise and uniform appearance. By pulling the grass blades to stand up straight, the high lift blade can cut them all at the same height for greater consistency. The strong lift capacity of these blades makes them ideal for thick and lush lawns in which the clippings will be bagged. Strong suction pulls the clippings into the bag with less chance of clogging the mower deck and bag opening. Because of the powerful suction of high lift blades, they are not recommended for lawns with thin or bare spots because the suction action can pull in dust and sand. High lift blades should be used on mowers with more powerful engines. For lawns that are thick and vigorous, Stens High Lift lawn mower blades will produce a professional looking cut that makes the lawn look even more luxurious.
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