Screen Innovations 5TF160SL8AT 160" Slate Acoustic .8 No LED
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Offer updated on 8/15/2022
Awesome picture and sound In a movie theater, the illusion of reality is enhanced by having the front speakers positioned behind the screen. Perforated screens like this one let you enjoy that same heightened realism in your home theater. It's a screen solution that will please videophiles and audiophiles. Tiny holes let the sound pass through This screen's perforated fabric allows sound to pass through the screen. You can place speakers behind the screen with virtually no loss in sound - or picture - quality. Install in-wall speakers behind the screen and enjoy clean sound and a clean look. A perforated screen is a great option if creating a very realistic soundstage is one of your top priorities. Screen Innovations' acoustic perforated materials have over 28,000 tiny .55mm diameter holes per square foot. During the development of their perforation technology, SI sent their materials to third-party acoustics labs for testing. Typical impact on frequency response is well within the -3dB range, with maximum attenuation of -6dB at 20,000 Hz. This effect can be easily corrected by most modern A/V receivers with room correction. Also, many in-wall speakers include a treble compensation switch to adjust for this type of installation. See the finest details, even with 4K - no "man cave" needed Conventional projection screens require a dark room to produce a vivid, colorful picture. But Screen Innovations' Slate AT screen material allows you to enjoy an outstanding picture even in a room with some lights on. Slate's special optical coatings reject 70% of a room's ambient light, compared to less than 10% rejection using a standard white or gray screen. Slate AT screens feature SI's proprietary Micro Texture surface that is nine times finer and smoother than conventional screen materials. That means 4K Ultra High Definition content will look pinpoint-sharp, with exceptional picture depth. Actually, Slate AT is rated for 8K video resolution! This black surface enhances pictur
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