Slitherine Ltd. Combat Mission Shock Force 2: Marines
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CMSF2 Marines Module introduces the elite United States Marine Corps to the fictional 2008 Syrian setting. Syrian Airborne forces, armed with some of the latest Russian equipment, also make their debut. Accordingly this module adds a significant number of new formations, units, weapons, equipment and vehicles for both the US and Syrian sides, as well as brand new missions, maps and a campaign.The fictional invasion plan for Syria involves a US Marines amphibious landing on the Mediterranean coast and a drive into the interior. The full range of Marines units, including the amphibious AAV-7, add an entirely new dimension to the CMSF2 setting. One new campaign, 16 stand alone battles, and additional Quick Battle maps are included.MAJOR FORMATIONSUnited States Marine Corps- Marines Infantry Battalion- Marines Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (LAV)- Marines Tank Battalion- Marines Assault Amphibian Company (AAV)- Marines Engineer BattalionSyrian Army- Syrian Airborne Battalion- Syrian Mechanized Airborne CompanyVEHICLESUnited States Marine Corps- M1A1HC Abrams- M1A1HC FEP Abrams- M1A1SA TUSK Abrams- M1A2 SEP TUSK Abrams- M2A3 IFV Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)- M3A3 CFV Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)- M7A3 BFIST Bradley with explosive reactive armor (ERA)- LAV-25- LAV-AT- LAV-C2- LAV-25 A2- LAV-AT A2- LAV-C2 A2- AAV-7A1- AAVC-7A1- Mk.23 MTVR 7-ton Truck (unarmored)- Mk.23 MTVR 7-ton Truck (armored)- M1046 TOW Humvee- M1114 Humvee w Mk19 Grenade LauncherSyrian Army- T-90SA- BMP-3- BRDM-2 (AT-5)HEAVY WEAPONSUnited States Marine CorpsM240GM32 Multiple Grenade Launcher (MGL)Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon (SMAW)M72A7 LAWBGM-71 TOW 2 (dismounted)Syrian ArmyRPG-16RPG-7D3SMALL ARMSUnited States Marine Corps- M16A4- M16A4 w M203 Grenade Launcher- M40A3- M82A3 SASRAIR SUPPORTUnited States Marine Corps- AH-1W Super Cobra- F A-18C Hornet- F A-18D Hornet- AV-8B HarrierARTILLERY SUPPORTUnited States Marine Corps- M109A6 Paladin 155mm self-propelled howitzer- M777 155mm howitzer- M121 120mm mortar- M252 81mm mortar- M224 60mm mortar
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