Thermionic Culture PHOENIX-MASTER Phoenix Mastering Plus Compressor
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Offer updated on 5/6/2021
This is the latest development in the evolution of the classic Phoenix compressor, first introduced in 1998. After requests from mastering engineers the Thermionic Culture Master Phoenix was introduced in October 2006. This was more recall-able with indented pots and slightly different power supply and metering circuit, in which trimming the meter alters the current through the compression valve so compensating for valve aging. The compression curve of the mastering Phoenix is slightly gentler than that of the standard one, but it does have a more"positive" effect. This earlier version has 6dB lower gain compared to the standard Phoenix. The Master Phoenix is in use in many studios and mastering suites around the world, and we do know that one of its users, Ray Staff of AIR London Studios won the MPG award for Best Mastering Engineer in 2009. Features All valve signal path and side chain, point to point hand wired in England Subtle control with 'soft knee' compression more compression effects when pushed hard Stereo link for mix buss compression Side chain filters to enable compression of all frequencies except bass Flat frequency response over full audio range and beyond Very low phase shift and harmonic distortion (unless pushed hard) Push-pull design gives a natural warm sound with high output level Output trim controls for fine adjustment or lower level operation Balanced ins and outs with custom made Sowter transformers Bypass switch on each channel removes all electronics Elma switches for gain and threshold controls Alpha switches for attack and release controls All Mullard and Siemens NOS valves Easy recall- ability Zero adjustment on front Precise calibration More gain than earlier Master Phoenix Standby switch to prolong valve life Distortion effects can be created with standby on Specifications Max gain: 30dB THD: better than 0.06 % @ 100Hz & 1kHz Noise, IEC weighted: better than 100dB below MOL Input impedance: 15k Release time: 0.04s to 2.4s Input/Compression: PCC85 Output: ECC81 Side chain detector: EB91 Weight: 1 lbs
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