Sony HDC2400L Multiformat Camera System, 2/3" CCD, 1080p Resolution
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Offer updated on 8/12/2022
The Sony HDC-2000 System Camera Series is a powerful full-lineup solution for HD studio operations. This includes the HDC-2500; its basic model, the HDC-2400; the full-size studio model. The HDC-2000 series cameras allow systems to be configured in a conventional triax-based infrastructure the HDC-2550 triax-based portable camera. For use in a wide range of shooting applications, Sony offers two types of camera control unit (CCU) for connection with these cameras: the HDCU 2000 full rack size CCU, and the HDCU 2500 half rack size CCU. HDC 2000 Series cameras provide superior picture quality by incorporating a newly developed high performance 2/3 inch CCD image sensor and a digital signal processor (DSP) with a 16 bit A/D converter. In addition, the HDC 2000 Series incorporates a 3 Gbps high bitrate fiber transmission system as a standard feature. With their innovative high performance and advanced operability, HDC 2000 Series cameras are outstanding acquisition tools for a broad range of HD production applications. <b> Newly Developed Progressive CCD </b> At the heart of the outstanding picture performance of the HDC-2000 Series is a newly developed 2/3-inch type 2.2-megapixel* full-HD progressive CCD. Based on Sony's HAD sensor technology and the latest on-chip lens structure, this CCD offers a high sensitivity of F11 (1080/50i) or F10 (1080/59.94i) at 2,000 lx and a superior signal-to noise ratio of -60 dB even without digital noise suppression. In addition to this performance, a wide variety of capturing formats including 1080/50i, 1080/59.94i, 1080/23.98p, 1080/24p, 1080/25p, and 1080/29.97p are available. What's more, this CCD can capture top-quality 1080/50p and 1080/59.94p images a capability that also delivers the highest possible quality 720/50p and 720/59.94p image acquisition. Double-speed acquisition for excellent slow-motion picture quality is available in the following modes: 1080/100i, 1080/119.88i, 720/100p, and 720/119.88p. <b> High-quality 16-bit A/D Conversion </b> HDC-2000 Series cameras incorporate a high-performance 16-bit A/D converter that enables images captured by the high-performance CCD to be processed with maximum precision. In particular, this high-resolution A/D conversion allows faithful reproduction of gradation in mid-to-dark-tone areas of the picture. <b> State-of-the-art DSP LSI </b> The newly developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) LSI is at the heart of image processing in the HDC-2000 Series. This processor can accommodate up to 1080/50p and 1080/59.94p progressive formats and 16-bit resolution, maximizing the high-clarity images captured by the CCD. In addition, white balance, white shading, and flare are digitally corrected, allowing for stable image correction. Moreover, the new version of the Auto Lens Aberration Compensation (ALAC) function is incorporated to optimize lens performance, providing stunning picture quality by highly improved horizontal and vertical...
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