Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd Generation
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Offer updated on 5/6/2021
Features   Bright OLED Display Ceramic Heating Chamber Fast Heat Up Time Heat Resistant Grip USB Charging Titanium Cup   The Atmos 5G Second Generation is the third in a line of portable vaporizers getting smaller in size yet packed with more features on every update. Measuring just under 3.5”, the 5G 2nd Gen is less than half the length of the original Vicod making it one of the most discreet and portable vaporizers today. While the 5G 2nd Gen improves on the first generation 5G, it retains all the features and usability that people loved so much about the original device. Main Improvements   Beyond the obvious smaller size, 40% shorter than the first generation model, the new 5G also includes a number of improvements and additions to enhance your vaping experience. The original 5G had an attractive finish but it was prone to smudges and marks which required constant cleaning if you wanted the device to look its best. It’s now made of a heat resistant rubber finish that not only looks good but provides a superior grip along with insulating your hands against the high temperatures generated from the unit - and no mess to clean. There wasn't much of a problem reading the OLED screen on the first model, but the new second gen comes with an even crisper and clearer digital screen that’s easily viewable in even in environments with less than ideal lighting.   Advanced Temperature Control Other improvements can also be found on what is probably the most important feature of any vaporizer, the heating chamber. The 5G 2nd Gen continues with a ceramic based construction that provides convection heating to evenly heat your material for a purer flavor than possible with a conduction style method. If you find that you’re always returning to the same temperature each time you vape, the 5G has a memory feature that starts up the device where you last left it. This eliminates the step of having to adjust the unit each time you turn it on so you can get straight into your vape session, quickly and easily. An updated thermostat also means the device can more accurately measure the current temperature it’s operating at to provide just the right amount of heat for your material. Finally, the 5 minute auto-shut off from the older G5 is present here, too. No worrying about wasting herb if you accidentally leave the unit on when comfortably absorbed in your vape.  
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