Core SWX Maverick MV6 605Wh Mobile Power Station
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Offer updated on 8/9/2022
The Maverick battery pack is the next generation, all encompassing block battery system for cinema and lighting applications. Built for high demand situations, the MV6 can sustain up to 20A draw on both 14v and 28v outputs simultaneously, while it's internal charger can charge the pack back up in five hours.<bR><bR>It's all aluminum modular design provides a robust form to sustain the rigors of productions, while providing up to 7" of water resistance. The modular design also allows for servicing in the field to quickly get back up running.<BR>Built with premium Nickel Metal Hydride cells from Japan, this pack will sustain several thousand cycles of usage with minimal degradation, and allow for easy air shipping and travel.<bR><b>Features</b><bR><b>Backlit Runtime LCD with Diagnostic reporting</b><bR>Three Phase:<bR>• Reports 100w dummy load runtime when not in discharge/charge (Dummy load can be adjusted to suit need through FW updates via USB)• Calculates remaining runtime when in use based on actual load• Calculates remaining charge time when charging<bR><bR><b>All the power at your disposable</b><BR>The unit provides two XLR 4-pins(14v), two XLR 3-pins(28v), two ptaps(14v) for accessories, and one 5v USB for charging mobile devices, and doubles as a firmware update port.<Br><Br>An ON/OFF switch insures that there is no power loss when not in use.<bR><bR><b>Built in Charging</b><bR>The MV6 has a standard IEC AC input for charging from AC Mains. Plug the unit in and it will charge back up in 5hrs. An LED array in the handle illuminates when charging to display charge status from afar. The LED array can also display capacity status when in use.<bR>A recessed switch in the handle allows for control of the LED brightness as well as disabling.<bR><bR><b>A Friendly Form Factor</b><Br>Understanding many already have shipping cases from their older block battery packs, the MV6 was designed to fit in legacy shipping cases.<bR><bR>With the new MV6, you can use the rear compartment, previously used for old charging stations, for additional cabling and accessories.
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