Warwick Acoustics Bravura & Sonoma M1 bundle (silver)
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Offer updated on 6/25/2022
The Bravura electrostatic headphone system delivers one of the most transparent, resolving sonic experiences I've heard - with bass you can feel. A personal audio rig that looks, feels, and sounds special Some headphones are known for certain strengths and sonic characteristics. But in terms of the overall listening experience, the Warwick Acoustic Bravura headphone system is one of the best I've ever heard. This complete, closed system includes the super-premium Bravura electrostatic 'phones and the dedicated Sonoma M1 amplifier/energizer needed to properly power them. The M1 features a built-in digital-to-analog converter that's optimized for this system, along with custom-made cables. I was fortunate enough to spend about six weeks with this electrostat system, sitting right next to my home office. I auditioned plenty of other headphones during that stint, but my eye wandered often to this gorgeous combo of gear. And many times, I had to give into the temptation of those glittering, tinted magnesium earcups. Detailed, revealing sound from an all-in-one system It's called a "closed" system because the Warwick's Sonoma M1 amp/energizer/DAC and Bravura headphones are both intended for each other - and neither will work with headphones or amps from other companies. As you'd probably expect, these aren't the type of headphones you use on the go with your phone. Instead, this is designed for people who are downsizing from an ultra-high-end speaker-and-amp system or perhaps want something comparable for another room or for late-night listening. The Sonoma M1 amp fits neatly on a desk or end table and feeds steady power to the Bravura electrostat headphones. Warwick keeps the power clean and consistent Electrostatic headphones require consistent power, which is why you need the special Sonoma M1 amplifier (sometimes called an "energizer") included here. This machined-aluminum workhorse is compact enough to fit in most desktop setups and serves up just the right am
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