RGB Spectrum RGB-SV-4100 Super View 4100 with 8 DVI & Graphic & HD Inputs 2 Duplicate DVI Outputs
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Offer updated on 9/18/2021
<p>Super View 4100 with 8 DVI & Graphic & HD Inputs 2 Duplicate DVI Outputs </p><p>The SuperView 4100 multiviewer accepts eight DVI, HDMI or RGB inputs. With plug-and-play ease, the multiviewer supports a full range of input and output resolutions. Users can also create custom files for non-standard resolutions.The SuperView 4100 multiviewer offers a full array of features that include smooth pan and zoom functionality, custom borders, titling, window priority and programmable presets. With superb scaling built-in, images can be displayed anywhere on screen, in any size or aspect ratio.In addition to the dual-link output HDCP support and RGB Spectrum&rsquo;s patented SinglePointTM KvM. This unique builds on traditional KVM technology to enable a single user to control all source computers displayed by the multi-image display processor with a single keyboard and mouse.With superb features and 24/7 reliability, the SuperView 4100 multiviewer offers unbeatable quality and value in a full-function multi-image display processor. </p><b>Features</b><ul><li>Up to 24 RGB, DVI or HDMI inputs</li><li>1 output with up to 8 scalable windows</li><li>Full range of input and output formats</li><li>Single or dual-link DVI outputs</li><li>Dynamic window scaling</li><li>DVI input cable equalization</li><li>Pan and zoom, titles and borders</li><li>Programmable presets</li><li>On screen cursor control</li><li>HDCP compliant</li></ul><b>Specifications</b><ul><li><b>RGB &YPbPr & HD:</b> 8x (on DVI-I)</li><li><b>DVI:</b> 8x (on DVI-I single-link 1.0)</li><li><b>Resolution:</b> 640x480 to 1920x1200, 2048x1152, 720p, 1080i, 1080p</li><li><b>Color Depth:</b> 24-bit</li><li><b>Horizontal Scan Rate:</b> 31 kHz to 125 kHz</li><li><b>Frame Rate</b> Up to 200 Hz</li><li><b>Clock Rate:</b> Up to 165 MHz</li><li><b>Video Levels:</b> 1.0 V p-p for G and Y composite 0.7 V p-p for R, B and PbPr</li><li><b>Sync Type:</b> RGsB, RGBS, RGBHV, YPbPr, (tri-level or bi-level sync on Y)</li><li><b>Cable Equalization:</b> Automatic or manual, up to 164 ft (50 m) DVI</li><li><b>DVI Single-Link:</b> 2x (on DVI-I, digital only)</li><li><b>DVI Dual-Link</b> 1x (option) on DVI-I</li><li><b>Resolution:</b> Up to 1920x1200, HD to 2048x1080p Dual-link to 2560x1600p</li><li><b>Horizontal Scan Rate:</b> 12 kHz to 125 kHz</li><li><b>Frame Rate:</b> 50 to 200 Hz</li><li><b>Clock Rate:</b> 25 to 165 MHz (single-link) 165 to 330 MHz (dual-link)</li><li><b>Pin Power:</b> 500 mA at 5 VDC per output</li><li><b>Power:</b> 100 - 240 VAC auto ranging 50/60 Hz, 125 W maximum</li><li><b>Temperature Operating Nominal:</b>...
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