Infinity Shields 32 oz. Mold and Mildew Long Term Control Blocks and Prevents Staining (Peppermint) (Case of 12)
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Offer updated on 12/1/2021
Infinity Shields® blocks and prevents the staining from mold, mildew, algae, rust, and corrosion, all while eliminating the worst odors and smoke on contact and it happens all simultaneously. Keeping your new, clean, and dust-free surface protected and looking new, vibrant, and fresh has advanced to an entirely new level, with our patented Hyper Green Technology®. Infinity Shields® is the most effective and first 8 in 1 multi-purpose surface protectant on the market, making Infinity Shields the most economical ever. Our patented Hyper Green Technology® is water-based, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and has a pH balance of 7.0™. Once on the treated surface, Infinity Shields® creates an invisible long-lasting barrier of protection on the treated surface™. Infinity Shields® once cured is hydrophobic and possesses a UV protective coating which will not rub off the treated surface. Infinity Shields® can be used on fabrics, textiles, and all hard surfaces. Indoor or outdoor. environmentally friendly on plants, shrubs, and grass. Applying Infinity Shields® to your trash chute, dumpster or compactor eliminates putrid odors, creating a unique process that prevents pests the ability to smell through the treated surface and they pass on by. During outdoor application intended hard surfaces can have a 50% moisture level when applying Infinity Shields®.
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