FUN Costumes Deluxe Blue Cop Men's Costume - Blue/White - Size: Extra Large
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Offer updated on 7/30/2021
Excuse Me, Ma’amDo you know how fast you were going? Can I see your license and registration? Now, I clocked you at 100 miles per hour in a 55 zone. That kind of thing just doesn’t fly around here. What’s that? Yes, ma’am. This is a regulation tie and it does look nice. Thank you, but I really just need to see your license and registration. Yes, thank you ma’am. I know that I look quite handsome in this hat, but I really just need to see your license and registration. Ma’am, flattery won’t get you out of a ticket this time. I'm going to have to issue a ticket... to come to my wicked awesome costume party!Design & DetailsThis exclusive Blue Cop costume comes with everything you need to look like a police officer. It comes with a navy blue jacket that zips up in front. The jacket has a badge on the chest and a faux Sherpa wool around the collar. It also has a patch on the sleeve and pockets in front. The matching blue pants have pockets on the thighs and belt loops that fit most belts. It also comes with a necktie to match the rest of the outfit, so make sure you know how to tie that Windsor knot. The final piece to this costume is the hat. It has a faux leather brim and it features an attached silver badge in the front.Officer of the PartyWhen you wear this costume, you might just start feeling like one of the real boys in blue. Now, we don’t recommend that you actually try stopping any crimes and you definitely shouldn’t attempt a traffic stop, but you will be able to give rule breakers a good scolding at your next costume party.
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