Disguise Minecraft Female Armor Costume - Blue/White - Size: Large
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Where Them Creepers At!? It took you days. Longer, even! You had to scout out the terrain and clear out the fields of debris. Fending off those cube-headed zombies was a mission all its own. Then there were the hours of mining to finally claim the diamonds. (Because—let's face it—wooden tiling was so last version.) But, all that work was worth it. After all those hours, finally, you had it: your beautiful, perfect house.You constructed it on the top of a cliffside, overlooking the vast ocean. Obsidian lining at the base of your walls. Beautifully sculpted architectural designs surrounded you while you relaxed upon the balcony of your mansion solace. Then... you heard it. The hiss. What purpose do these Creepers even have? Why!? Why climb all the way up here just to destroy your home... and themselves while they're at it!? Oh, this will not stand. It is time for revenge!Product DetailsYou won't need to mine up any more supplies, because we're here to help! Garb yourself up in your epic Minecraft Armor and take the fight to the denizens of the underground. This officially licensed costume includes a jumpsuit printed to look like a full set of Minecraft's diamond armor. It has foam shoulder straps to provide you with a pair of pauldrons and boot covers that give you just a bit more of the iconic blocky style Minecraft is famous for. Complete the look with your pixelated helmet and you're ready to defend yourself from anything!Weaponry RequiredSure, Creepers will destroy themselves if you just get close enough. But, do you really wanna rebuild everything after they explode? (Again!?) While this Minecraft Armor is enough to keep you looking awesome and feeling safe, you know a good diamond sword from our cache never hurt anyone... (except zombies and creepers, of course).
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