Avid NEXIS/PRO 40TB (10x 4TB HDD) 2U Shared Storage Solution
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Offer updated on 9/29/2022
<b> Get proven, real-time collaboration-for everyone </b>Get the performance and reliability of Avid NEXIS in a more affordable system designed for small video or audio production teams. Avid NEXIS PRO offers real-time collaboration to accelerate your media workflow. Find and share media fast. Adapt workspace capacity, performance and protection as requirements change. And get the same secure and reliable workflows trusted by an industry.<b> Enable creative collaboration </b>With the increasing demand for more content in shorter timeframes, Avid NEXIS PRO enables you to connect your team, share media and sequences and work together on the same projects in real time. Without fear of accidentally overwriting someone else's work. Gain more time to spend focusing on telling a great story-and less time searching for and shuttling media. And put the "flow" back in your workflow with the ability to connect up to 24 contributors simultaneously.<b> Experience exceptional performance </b>Production schedules are unpredictable. Can one system really change the possibilities of what you can achieve? Absolutely. With its advanced architecture, intelligent file system, high bandwidth and automation abilities, Avid NEXIS PRO delivers unrivaled media performance with up to 2.4 GB/s of bandwidth speed, enabling projects to move in parallel, so you can turn around more projects faster. No matter what editing and media asset management tools you use.<b> Get the reliability you need </b>When your reputation and business are on the line, Avid NEXIS PRO protects and secures your media like no other. The system is built on the same technology trusted by thousands of top broadcasters and post-production studios. From its bulletproof security privileges, to fail-safe disk protection with automatic drive rebuild, you can rest assured that your content is safe. And should you need it, tech experts are available around the clock to help.<b> Increase your storage capacity </b>Why add more storage islands to your sea of media? With Avid NEXIS PRO, you can expand your raw storage capacity from 40 TB up to now 160 TB. Connect up to four Avid NEXIS PRO engines together for maximum capacity and bandwidth. Your valuable assets will be protected, available and within easy reach through a centralized media hub.<b> Boost your bandwidth </b>Need more power for 4K/UHD, color grading and finishing workflows? With new high-performance storage groups that deliver up to an astounding 600 MB/s of bandwidth per Media Pack (up from 400 MB/s), you gain up to a 50% increase in performance so you can get more done-faster. Need more power? Connect up to four Avid NEXIS PRO engines together and ramp up performance with up to 2.4 GB/s of bandwidth.<b> Ramp up production </b>With the increase in bandwidth speed, you can create and deliver higher volumes of high-res content more easily. Play...
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