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Cities Skyline is a city-building simulation game created by Colossal Order and released by Paradox Interactive, a famous studio known for creating complex, economic strategy games. The game allows players to build their own city, completely from scratch. Cities: Skylines Collection pack bundle offers the best game experience possible. It includes the full version of the game, as well as every released DLC and expansion pack, introducing new gameplay mechanics, buildings, and many more. Gameplay and MechanicsCities: Skyline is an example of a typical city-builder video game. The player starts the game with nothing but an empty piece of land that will eventually become a huge city. While building our metropolis, we must carefully think about many important factors, that will allow our city to prosper, and by that attract new citizens.The game features a complex system of economy that players will have to learn. Fortunately, the game offers many helpful tutorials that will make the process much easier. While developing the city, everything is up to you - for example, you can decide whether to use regular power stations or use more environment-friendly sources of energy like wind turbines, or hydroelectric power stations. Managing the city is a responsible task which is not always easy - players will have to deal with several problems connected with the city management like the city's traffic. One of the most important things while building the city is to ensure that roads enable fluid transportation. It can not only affect your city's economy, but also the happiness of your citizens.What's interesting, in Cities: Skyline you can create whole districts specializing in different fields. It is worth mentioning that the game gives players total freedom of action while playing - the only thing that limits them is their own imagination and creativity.Cities: Skylines CollectionCities: Skylines Collection is a bundle offering the best gameplay experience - the bundle includes every released DLC and expansion pack, that will significantly enrich the gameplay, introducing new objects, mechanics, buildings and more. The Collection includes:Cities: Skyline - full gameCities: Skyline - After DarkCities: Skyline - SnowfallCities: Skyline - Natural DisastersCities: Skyline - Mass TransitCities: Skyline - Green CitiesCities: Skyline - ConcertsCities: Skyline - IndustriesCities: Skyline - ParklifeCities: Skyline - CampusCities: Skyline - Sunset HarborCities: Skylines - AirportsCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Art DecoCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: High-Tech BuildingsCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: European SuburbiaCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Modern City CenterCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Modern JapanCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Train StationsCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Bridges & PiersCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack: Vehicles of the WorldCities: Skylines - Content Creator Pack:...
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