Plant Therapy Organic Chamomile Roman Essential Oil 2.5 mL
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Offer updated on 1/25/2022
Chamomile Roman Organic is steam distilled from the flowers - - of the small Chamaemelum nobile perennial to create a sweet, "green," - - herbaceous apple-like scent. - - - - The powerful, sweet scent is a favorite among essential oil - - users to help ease children and adults to sleep. This oil is soothing and - - gentle, making it safe for kids when diluted properly. Diffuse before bedtime, - - apply topically using your favorite Plant Therapy carrier oil, or add to a warm - - nighttime bath to promote relaxation and a restful, refreshing night of sleep. - - - - Chamomile Roman Organic helps to ease tired muscles after - - strenuous exercise and aching joints due to aging.
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