Godox UHF Wireless WMICS Pro RX UHF Mic Receiver (514 to 596 MHz)
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The<strong> Godox WMicS1 Pro</strong> is a metal construction dual-channel wireless lav mic system whose long transmission distance brings more flexibility to creations. As an evolution from the original S1 system, the S1 Pro adds more features to benefit your production. It continues the portability and discreet look as a pocket-sized unit while upgrading the housing, antenna and display, providing a satisfying experience for live streaming, podcasting, lecture, interview, conference and other content creations.</p> <ul> <li>Dual-channel</li> <li>Extended Transmission</li> <li>Real-time Monitoring</li> <li>Metal Housing </li> </ul> <strong>A Giant Leap for Creation</strong></p> Everyone would tell you that TODAY is the best time to start creations. However, when you try to fully express your passion and ideas, the audio quality of built-in microphones of cameras/mobile devices is just not good enough. Born to be professional, the S1 Pro solves the problem with ease by providing natural and clear sound to benefit your content and satisfy your audience. One small investment in audio, one giant leap for your creation.</p> <strong>Reliable UHF </strong></p> Compared with many other wireless products, the UHF system features an extended range and a more stable signal. A trustworthy transmission up to 100m frees your creative ideas from the limitation of distance. 96 selectable channels in two groups avoid interference when several wireless systems work in the same site.</p> <strong>Adjustable Transmission Power</strong></p> For a better recording experience, you can switch the power of transmitters between high and low. The high level offers a stronger signal for longer transmission distance or environment with interference, while the low level saves the power to extend your working time.</p> <strong>Studio/Location Freedom</strong></p> Compact and durable, the metal-housing S1 Pro deals with wireless challenges both indoor and on location with no difficulty. The bodypack design is easy to clip and hide, plus a bud-sized lav mic with locking connector, ensuring a discreet look free from dropout and movement restrictions. </p> <strong>Flexible Antenna</strong></p> The antennas of transmitter and receiver can be folded 90° and rotated 360°, so flexible to ensure the strongest connection in different conditions.</p> <strong>Mono/Stereo Mode Available</strong></p> The dual-channel system can record audio from two people simultaneously. Featuring Mono/Stereo mode, it makes post-processing much easier. Choose Stereo mode if you need two separate audio tracks or else Mono mode for a combined one.</p> <strong>Real-time Monitoring for Full Control</strong></p> Through a 3.5mm headphone jack...
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